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Stripe error says I used a live key but it wasn't?

Hi all,

When testing my Stripe checkout I get this error.

Screenshot 2022-01-27 105122

The Stripe (test) API name was put into my checkout page price (see below). Any idea what I should try?

Are you running this in your dev or live site?

I’ve tried both. The error you see above is from Live mode. If I test in Dev mode I get the following error;

preview error

The error says that I haven’t saved my customer portal settings in test mode, but I have - I have edited and saved both sections shown in red below.

Well that answers your first question then (i.e. you’re trying to access a ‘test’ Price with a ‘live’ key)…

Regarding the second issue… are you sure you’ve added all the required information in your Stripe account for the Customer Portal? (i.e. all your links to terms of service, privacy policy etc.)? And saved it all?

Ah I see, I thought I could run a test checkout on a live site. As you say, that answers that one.

I am sure I did but I will go back and check later. Thanks, you are helping me focus because sometimes I feel my head is holding up so many unrelated coding issues I can’t think clearly about any of them! Lol.

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I have fixed this, the reason I thought I had completed the all the required information is because their page layout is a case study in how not to design!

See below, (actually enlarge it) and you can see the Save button appears at the bottom so it looks like the only two areas to update are Appearance and Business name.

I realised after many timed on the page that I needed to scroll down to find the actual areas to update. Grrrr! But thanks @adamhholmes for the suggestion as it did help me.

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