Stripe error when sending money to other user

Has anyone seen this error before? My workflow looks good as far as I can tell but when trying to use Stripe’s “Charge a user using saved CC” and checking “The payee of this transaction is another user”, the error I get is:

Stripe error Received both card and source parameters. Please pass in only one.

Don’t know how to troubleshoot that… The “Card ID to charge” that I’m using is “Current User’s Stripe Credit card’s ID”.

Hi josh4, I am having the exact same problem. Did you solve it by any chance ?

I did but to be honest I don’t remember what I changed, just a lot of fumbling until it eventually worked.

If you perhaps sent me the screenshot of your failing workflow and an explanation of what you’re trying to accomplish, I would compare it to mine that is currently working and I would give a shot at trying to tell you what’s happening wrong. I understand Bubble a lot more than I did when I made this post 3 months ago. A lot of it is counter intuitive and buggy and I’ve worked around countless issues, but even in traditional programming you run into those type of issues… just with more alternative options.

Thanks, but now the workflow is fine - I did not fill in the field “Card ID to charge”, as this is optional and was creating two parameters (sources and card) - So now the payment is processed, but I still cannot make the transfer to somebody else, although it seems I am able to retain an app fee. What pluggin did you use ? Stripe or Stripe.js ?