Stripe Field Integration

Hi - I am am trying to integrate Stripe and use Stripe’s email prompt, but I keep getting this error - “An email is needed to complete this transaction”.

But I wanted it to be as clean as possible. I tried a work around

and was able to get the Stripe prompt to include an email field.

However, once the thing processes with email/credit card number/etc - I get an error.

What am I doing wrong? Basically, how do I make the transaction use the Stripe email field, rather than my own field (more friction for the user)? Also, I don’t want users to need to log-in before the transaction, I just want it to be a simple payment and not have to register an account with me. Thank you!

Hi ilikeoranges9183,

I have the same exact problem.
Have you found why do you have this error ? What was your solution besides including an email field because the payment process can’t go throught in the end.