Stripe Free Paid Account for Family and Friends

When signing up for my app by default, you are on a free plan, which only gives you access to one tool. If you want to use any other tools, you have to subscribe to either a monthly or annual paid plan, through the stripe plugin. I’m trying to figure out a way to provide family and friends free access to the paid plans. Stripe won’t allow for 100% off promo codes, so does anyone have a better way to accomplish this?

Do it without any plugin. Let’s say you allow them to use a code, or you have a sign up workflow, just change a field in your database to trigger whether or not they have access.

Thank you for replying! My only issue now is that I currently have two data types within my databases: users and payments. Users only keeps track of names and emails, while payments has the stripe subscription status. My workflows are based around the subscription status. For example, to get to one of the gated pages, the workflow will redirect you to the subscription page if your stripe customer subscription status is empty or “cancelled”. My issue is, that if I add another data type to determine if a user is family or not, their customer subscription status will still be empty because they never went through Stripe, so they’ll still be redirected.

I guess I could change the workflow so that it checks if a user’s subscription is “active” or if they’re family, then navigate them to the page. but how would I redirect anyone who doesn’t meet those requirements to the subscription page?

Sorry for the long response, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

Is there a way to trigger a workflow to update a family members customer subscription status within the payments data type without going through Stripe? I tried testing with a promo code field (not using stripe), where if they hit the subscribe button and that promo code had been entered, instead of taking them to stripe, it would just make changes to the payment data type and set the subscription status to active. But my workflows weren’t accepting that as the correct status, I assume because none of the other attributes were filled out in the payment data type, like stripe customer ID?

I was able to combine my payments data type under the user data type, and gate my content based off my created “status” attribute and not the stripe customer subscription status. I have the stripe webhook updating that attribute as well.