Stripe: how take note in Stripe of an invoice number produced in my app

Hi, I have a WF that performs the following actions:

  • Charge a user using a saved CC
  • Write on a table in my app the Stripe’s charge_id (e.g. ch_3MQVocGKFRccums50F78Xch6)
  • Calculate the invoice sequential number
  • Produce the invoice via another service

For reconciliation purposes, I would like to add a final step so that I can write to Stripe’s invoice_id (or in another field) the actual number of the invoice. I guess I should tell “take result of step 1’s charge_id and pair it with invoice number X”.

Thanks in advance,

Have you checked if metadata in stripe objects can be useful for you?
You can add them to the charge object (or a invoice object) either when you create it or you can add them later with a request to the corresponding update endpoint.

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