Stripe is not working for safari users

Hi everyone:

I just discovered the stripe pop-up does not work for Safari users, and I have done some research online; people are saying to use some sort of an action that allows the external site to be open, but not in a new tab, then the stripe pop up will work. (How to do this action?)

I was wondering if anyone has experience in making stripe work in safari. Please let me know, thanks

I fixed this for someone else a few days ago, and I’ll put the answer here for others.

It turned out to be as easy as replacing the action that opened the Stripe window. Using the native Bubble action to open the Stripe payment page worked with Stripe on Safari. Using a plug-in (can’t recall which one, there are numerous) to open the Stripe payment page in a tab did not work on Safari.

In 10 words, use the inbuilt Bubble action to open the Stripe payment page.

That fixed this particular sites problems in 30 seconds :slightly_smiling_face:


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