Stripe is SLOW. Takes 15 seconds to display card/bank info & setup Sellers

Hey all,

I’m using Stripe for subscription payments and to create sellers. When a seller is created, the workflow for creating a seller + tokenization takes about 15 seconds.

When I load my ‘payment details’ page to allow people to view their seller bank details OR card details (e.g. last 4 digits, expiry date etc, all grabbed from Stripe and NOT stored on my Bubble server), it takes about 15 seconds for each of these to load.

I get that it’s connecting to Stripe, but I would’ve though anything more than 3-4 seconds is just a huge inconvenience to users. Maybe I should show a loading spinner until the information is displayed.

So frustrating as that’s the last bit of my app and I’m trying to improve the UX.

Anyone else facing this issue with Stripe integration? @emmanuel do you happen to have any input? I reached out to Stripe but they said that this would be a Bubble issue and not a Stripe issue.

No issues here. Link your app…

I’ve heard from a few others that are having issues so I don’t think this is in-app. Are you using a Stripe plugin? If so, which one are you using? Cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve only used the official plugin built by Bubble and/or custom calls via the API connector. I haven’t tried any of the third party plugins for Stripe.

Without seeing whats going on in your app, its hard to guess what the issue is.

We just pushed some improvements for this.


Thanks @emmanuel - it’s still slow but much improved :). Appreciate the work you have put in to speed it up so far

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