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Stripe.js 2 how to implement?

Could someone provide instructions on the setup flow? I’m trying to simulate a marketplace through test data.

Just looking for your general workflow + do you actually create 1 Stripe account to test the seller + customer? The more info you can provide, the better.

Check this template.

There is a test mode in Stripe so you can just create a Stripe account and do the testing there.

Let me know if you need any help.

@edtyli9 thanks for sharing the template - that part isn’t the issue for me, it’s more about creating the seller and seeing the payment reflected on Stripe. I’m doing a marketplace so I let users become a seller or a customer, I just want to be able to see when a customer buys something, the seller gets paid. Would appreciate your help!

This would take some time to build as I don’t have an existing template to share.

I actually just figured it out, thanks a lot though!

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I’ll mark your former answer as a solution, it may help someone :slight_smile:

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For those searching, Copilot also has full courses (sub one hour) that cover a lot of this set-up. This is the baseline Stripe Payments course. Will take you through everything you need to know.