Stripe.JS - Account (Seller, All) - Create is not triggering


I am using the Stripe.JS 2 plugin by @copilot and I cannot seem to create a seller. My workflow is as follows;

When icon_right_arrow is clicked > convert a bank account into a Stripetoken.

When Stripetoken A has been created > create a seller.

The error I get is that the Business Type, which I left on the default option for Individual, is invalid. However I’ve tried all of the Business Types and I keep getting the same error. I can only select Business Types from the available options so I’m not sure why this would be an error.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, what could I be doing wrong?

Update for anyone who may encounter this issue.

I reached out to @copilot who pointed me in the right direction. My Stripe API version was out of date, something I was not aware of for sometime. After I upgraded it, I was able to successfully create a seller.

I’m getting same thing where exactly do I update this? Thanks!

Nevermind found in within my stripe account THANK YOU!!!