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Stripe.js Error "Type Error: Cannot read property 'confirmCardPayment' of undefined"

I have created a bubble app that shows this error:

The steps to recreate the error are:

  1. Click on “Open cart”
  2. Click “Click to add payment details”
  3. Wait for the stripe element to be ready and then enter in the card 4242424242424242 with any expiry date and CVC.
  4. Fill out the billing address info with any gibberish (doesn’t matter) and click “Save credit card”
  5. Wait for the next page to load and then click “Pay now”
  6. Wait for the Confirmed alert to appear and then refresh the page (REFRESH IS IMPORTANT)
  7. Click “Open cart” again and then click the checkout button
  8. The previously entered credit card should now be visible allowing you to skip steps 2-4.
  9. Click pay now and you will then get the following error:
    Note: The clear all button erases the database and allows you to start from scratch. The payment is always successful is the page is never refreshed
    Here is my workflow:

I have followed exactly how the course offered from (the makers of Stripe.js 2) says to set this functionality up.

Any one have any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.