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Stripe.js retrieve a customer's address returns as object

I have the following response from the stripe.js plugin:

Here is the setup

I know it’s working properly because when I change to “Retrieve a Customer’s email” it returns the email correctly. Also, I have double checked by doing a curl request in my command prompt and the API response shows the address is returning correctly.

Given that the API response is JSON formatted as follows:
“address:” {
“city”: “Toronto”,
“country”: “CA”,
“line1”: “123 Test street”,
“line2”: “Suite 1”,
“postal_code”: “M1M1M1”,
“state”: “ON”

I would have thought that clicking on “more” after “'s address” would give me these options (i.e. 's line2)

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Just seeing if anyone has any suggestions here. Thanks

I’m trying to do the same thing. Anyone has a clue? @copilot

me too… did you manage to find the solution @paul29 @luis.romero.araya ?

try to figure out getting reference to address.children directly in bubble


Its most likely that some idiom exist in bubble for getting at the various child properties of address. When used proper, this would unwrap values of existing address.children observed in Curl.

It’s been so long since I tried this but I do remember that I had a one on one session with copilot and the guy said that this is a bubble issue and that the api endpoint isn’t parsed properly by bubble. I don’t remember exactly how I solved it but I just did a search through my application and couldn’t find any reference to this stripe.js retreive customer call. What I likely did is save the customer information to bubble’s database and access the information that way. If I solved it another way and come across/remember how I did it, I will message here again.

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I have just rolled out a fix for this bug. Now you should see the pieces of the address when trying to use it, like this: