Stripe marketplace where 3 parties need to be paid and multi currency delayed payouts are a thing

I’m setting up a rental platform. Like most rental platforms it has a marketplace fee and vendors, however it should also automatically pay out a conservation group which is not static as each property or user could select a different group.

As an example let’s use greenpeace. I’m booking a place to stay and I want Stripe to pay 85% of total to the rental property. Then I’d like Stripe to split the remaining 15% between my marketplace fee and greenpeace.

There are some conditions to consider here too. All properties may be set up in their own native currency and someone booking will pay in their own native currency.

Let’s say the property is in the US so the property owner is expecting a USD payout. The guest is coming from the UK so paying in GBP. This is fine and all possible on Stripe connect. However…

Given the fact a property may be booked several months or up to a couple of years in advance but we don’t want to payout the host until 24 hours after the guest arrives at their property (in case of cancellations, changes circumstances, global pandemics :sweat_smile: acts of god, fraudulent listings etc)

How can we set this up whereby the host still receives the same amount they expected (as currency values fluctuate) and there is a delay in the payout schedule beyond 90 days without incurring another stripe processing fee.

I’m thinking is there a way to auto convert the currency back to the expected currency in Stripe and have it rest in a secure stripe account until an API event (24hrs after check in) triggers a release event. This way the currency doesn’t fluctuate as it will be resting in USD even though it was paid by the user in GBP.

Curious if anyone else has come up against something similar in any way shape or form and has any advice or direction.

If you are a host expecting $85 (if the booking total was $100) but the guest paid £70 (or whatever the rate is) and then a year later you get paid $74 or $89 when you were expecting $85 as the value in GBP to USD changed it’s kind of a weird experience especially if it’s your first experience with a platform