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Stripe Multiple Subscriptions - Skip Unrecognizable Plans


I am trying to find a way to allow my users to add multiple subscriptions/addons at a time (charged every X months). Right now users have the option of check the boxes associated with the subscription(s) he/she is interested in.

Here is how I have tried to work around this in Stripe. (It’s been rough)

  1. I have created input elements associated with each plan option. So when the checkbox is checked the initial content is the Strip Plan ID for that particular plan.

  2. In my workflow I have an action to Subscribe the (Current) User to a List of Plans. Here I have made the plan names dynamic so that it pulls whatever the initial content (plan names (when the checkbox is check)). I have done this for each plan. E.g. Plan nam = Input for Add-on 1’s value (which if the checkbox is checked will be the subscription plan’s name).

This seems to pull the data fine and Stipe seems to recognise the plans and all.

The issue I am having here is that when an option is unchecked the plan name is blank and Stripe seems to stop there without applying the other plans to the user’s account.

My Question: Is there anyway to get Stripe to ignore the “blank” (unchecked) plans or unrecognisable plans and to apply the others (checked)? I am trying to avoid creating a ridiculous number of combinations.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile: