Stripe: Permission Denied - stripe payment recorded, but bubble workflow stops

After charging the user, stripe payment is collected, but the pop up “permission denied” is displayed and bubble workflow stops.

The workflow runs perfectly in debug mode, hence, it has been difficult to troubleshoot.
I notice some earlier members had this issue, but never mentioned how it was resolved.

Adding on that when looking at the Logs, I notice the error is from the workflow “Charge the current user” from stripe plugin.

Hope someone can help point me in the right direction.

What action do you take after you collect payment? I’d also go into your app settings > Language, then search for the message Permission denied to see where the error is coming from

Thanks @johnny.

I checked app settings > Languages, and there isn’t an error message with the message “Permission Denied”.

In the workflow, after “Charge current user”, I send a notifier if there is a charge error, otherwise, I create a new Thing (Transaction) to store the charge information. Permission Denied happens before the Transaction Thing is created though.

I changed the workflow so all the follow up steps are in the same workflow, rather than after the charge return back to the upper level workflow. Permission denied error is gone.

Somehow the permission denied is triggered on some workflows running too quickly. I had initially thought triggered custom workflow will complete before continuing the workflow, but somehow it doesn’t.

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