Stripe Plug-In (Payment Methods)


I’m currently connecting Stripe to Bubble. Everything works fine in test mode but when in live mode a problem with payment methods appear. While having multiple payment methods selected I only can choose Creditcard in live mode. It seems that this appears because of Bubble and the Stripe plug-in can only set Creditcard as default payment method. Is there anyone which can explain how to set the default payment method to other payment methods like iDeal? I can’t find any option within the Stripe plug-in other than actions related to Creditcard.

Creditcard action

I already checked the action ‘Make a card new default’ which only relates to Creditcard and therefore doesn’t give the wanted outcome. Also ‘Delete a credit card’ isn’t enough because then I get an error ‘Stripe - When the user didn’t provide his card’ (NO_CARD_INFO) and the paywall won’t even appear. I can only conclude that the plug-in is set to Creditcard on default and has no options to ‘select default payment’. How to overcome, any workaround possible?

FYI: Stripe dashboard is set up correctly, because when a payment link is used all the payment methods appear in the right way. So when a user is logged out (out of session) the paywall is correct, but when a user is logged in (in a session) the paywall keeps referring to the default payment which can’t be changed. I already contacted Bubble support for them to look into the plug-in actions and therefore add an option like ‘select default payment’ based on your wanted payment method that can be found in the Stripe dashboard (pm_).

Anyone with some helpful tips for a workaround? Would love to get in touch!