Stripe Plugin Error For Payouts

Hi all,

I’m using the official Bubble plugin @eve Stripe plugin for a marketplace payout with application fee.

Connect is configured, API keys set up and in theory should be working but we’re getting the following error.

The payout recipient is also correctly set and connected via Connect.


Have you been able to add users as sellers with the plugin or add credit cards?

I dont think I ever fixed this - we just reverted to v2 of the plugin :slight_smile:

Hi @help did you ever get this working with v2 of the official Stripe plugin?have the same situation and can’t believe how difficult it is to find a payout solution that works. TIA for any info!

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No I didn’t - we reverted to V1 :slight_smile:

I think you mean v2 instead of v3, per your post above (and there’s no v1 listed in the plugin options). So you have it working with Stripe Connect? I understand that Connect’s onboarding is quite onerous. It may work for vendors, but also need a solution for micro-payouts to individuals who wouldn’t want to do anything more than provide a paypal/venmo ID or a bank account/routing number for ACH.