Stripe plugin : How to do yearly reccuring payement?

Hello :wave:t4:

I am working on my bubble app, to explain briefly: It’s a big payment tunnel, I get a dynamic price from an API and make the user pay.
Only, from now on I want the payment to become recurring and repeat every year, however even after searching I don’t see how to do

I am using the Bubble stripe plugin

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m back

So i turned myself on the Stripe JS plugin, that’s seem great and here is what i have done :

Everything works fine except the part “Stripe JS - Card - Create”, sadly nothing happen, i don’t understand why and of course what i get on stripe : a customer without card to pay, so the payment process fail, is someone good with this plugin that could help me ?


Did you got a solution for this.
I am also facing the same problem.

Hi @wsu.app18

I still didn’t find any solution, i will post here if i find anything