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Stripe Plugin / New "Strong Customer Authentication" rules

I just got an email from Stripe alerting me to the new SCA rules coming into force in September:

Right now, I use the standard Bubble Stripe plugin.

Is it going to be upgraded to support the new PaymentIntents API, or are European customers going to need to seek other solutions?

Any insight or guidance on solutions is appreciated :smiley:

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Yes, yes, yes… This is VERY important!

The law in Europe changes on 14th September and will render existing stripe plugins illegal for European use!

Would be great to hear from both Bubble (@neerja?) and @copilot about their plans…

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As far as I can tell, it won’t be illegal - it’s just that if customers from Europe try to make a payment via Stripe to a European-registered company using the existing Bubble Stripe plugin - then the customer’s bank will decline the payment as it won’t have gone through SCA.

It’s worth noting that the Stripe docs say that they’ll eventually use their new Payment Intents API for all Stripe payments - so it might be worth Bubble upgrading their plugin now to avoid a time crunch to do it later.

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Yes, indeed the banks will prevent the illegal transaction… so you are right in saying the plugin won’t be illegal, but the transaction it attempts will be illegal and prevented.

We are following these changes and are taking steps to ensure our EU based customers have no disruptions for payments. We will keep the community posted closer to the deadline.


Thanks @neerja - that’s very re-assuring :slight_smile:

Hey @andrew1,

We’re also investigating what is required to meet the SCA specifications for Stripe.js. Though Stripe has told developers to stay tuned for changes necessary to recurring payments, they have provided details for one-time charges and it seems to require more server involvement. We’ll keep digging and will update everyone on new developments right in the Stripe.js thread. :slight_smile:


Thanks @copilot - also reassuring :slight_smile:

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Thanks for bringing this up @andrew1.
Thankfully my system isn’t setup for EU customers so this is less of a worry, but I do use the Bubble plugin with Stripe Connect so if they update it i would need to make sure the new plugin updates support Connect, so following this closely

Hi @neerja - how we coming along with this? I just got another alert from Stripe telling me payments through my Bubble app are going to start to fail from Sep 14th onwards as the Stripe integration isn’t SCA-ready.

If the Stripe plugin isn’t going to be updated in time for that deadline I’d like to know soon so I can come up with an alternative.

@andrew1 We are aware of the deadline and working towards it. We will post back here with updates.

Thanks @neerja - and do you realistically expect to make the deadline? i.e - should I do some contingency planning?

@andrew1 Stripe plugin has been updated for SCA

Wondeful - thanks @neerja :slight_smile: