Stripe Plugin Styling and Smaller Issues

I got my Stripe plugin going today and was searching for some answers to a few small issues I have yet to clean up, which I couldn’t find in searches, so I’m hoping someone here has dealt with this before.

  1. Is there a way to style the Stripe payment popup better? I seem to have the black overlay that goes behind the plugin often cover only 2/3 of the screen.

  2. The Stripe Mobile Fix plugin appears to be inconsistent. I sometimes have it load into a full screen popup, and sometimes into a regular popup. At least the additional “save” button is gone, but wondering how to get this looking clean.

  3. The Autofill of Credit Card info on an iPhone, only works right about half the time (which is very strange). It often swaps the month and year of expiry. So, an expiry that requires input in mm/yy, where it should be 10/23 will autocomplete to 23/10 and then will cause an error. Again, this only happens half the time!

Thanks in advance to those who can provide some insights.

Hey @DiggDang,

I believe your on v2 of the Stripe plugin. You’re pretty much locked to the standard look and feel of how it is now.

V3 has some customizability with colors and branding (logo) and it’s much more stable across platforms, along with an updated UI. IOS auto fill I never have a problem with.

Hope this helps.

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You’re right! I’m on V2. I’ve changed to V3, but it looks like there is some additional setup involved, so I’ll try this out and keep my fingers crossed! I already see some YT videos, so I hope I’ll be ok! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for reaching out! I’ll update once I have an opportunity to try this out.

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I think I thought this was harder than it was… I just redid the workflow step of charging the current user and it worked… I was going down a rabbit hole, but looks like it’s good now. Thanks again for the help!

Sorry, one more thing… my auto-fill still seems to be acting up… now it is entering the wrong expiry mm/yy completely… hmmmmm…

Not sure if anyone has any ideas on that one.

What version of IOS are you running & what browser?

Tried on many devices (iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Pro 2018, iPad Mini 5), all of which are on some version of iOS 14.x and a couple of Macs - Catalina and Mojave. All are Safari.

Android looks like it is fine, so I’m wondering if this is a Safari bug.

BTW, I reached out to Stripe and they are going to be looking into it (apparently).

I have the same devices. I’ll test again later when I get the chance and come back. Could be a safari issue.

Stripe’s support is pretty good, I’d be curious to know what they say.

Yes, update me, if you could. I can’t be the only one this is happening to! I’ll also update you when/if I hear back from Stripe. Glad to hear the support is pretty good. Thanks again for staying in touch on this.

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Stripe never got back to me. I did notice that it happened on another website too though, so I think it’s maybe iOS’s issue.