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Stripe Plugin Issue in subscriber user
I am facing an issue while using the Bubble Stripe Plugin.

Currently, I am trying to use a user-subscriber that is different from the current user. (image below) This particular subscriber already has a customer ID and an account in Stripe. However, it seems that the plugin only sends the details of the current user.

I wanted to inquire if any of you have faced a similar issue while using the Bubble Stripe Plugin. If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share any suggestions or solutions that have worked for you.

Thank you

Use the API connector and just make this API call to Stripe directly without the plugin

When working with B2B/enterprise apps with Companies, I just create a Billing Account type for all companies. The Billing account contains their Stripe Customer ID, subscription info, renewal date, credits, etc etc. Then if the app also allows non-enterprise users to sign up you just add a Billing Account to the user rather than the company.

Thank you so much for response.
Effectively, I am starting using API. But I am blocked how to handle company user with cards that need authentification ?
Do you have idea how we can handle this case.
thanks in advice

May be you need stripe.js plugin or stripe subscription API plugin which takes user’s customer ID as a perameter.

if you use stripe.js2 plugin you get elements for authentications.

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