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Stripe plugin Using checkout for updating subscription

Hi , i’m using stripe plugin V3
When the user is for the first time purchasing a plan, the stripe checkout runs great

but when someone wants to update his subscription, it never goes through the checkout it just update straight away without the possibility of using a promotion code

is there a way to change this ?

If it is that the user would not have entered the promotion code the first time they subscribed and/or there is a different promotion code used for the upgraded subscription, then you should unsubscribe them and allow them to subscribe again for the upgraded plan.

I don’t think there would be a way to using the plugin to add the promotion code for them and the way an upgrade works is to just use the same credit card details and change the plan so there is no checkout required again.

Maybe through API you can add the promotion code, but I am not sure.

ok thank you 'ill check for a work around with api