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Stripe refund for connected account

Hi bubblers.
I am building a shopify like app.
I managed to make api call for refund but it only refunds the payments that been done straight to my website main account using the charge_Id.
Is there any way to issue refunds for my connected accounts please?
I am trying to keep my sellers from going to stripe as much as possible while still using standard account.
Thanks in advance

Should be able to provide the Connected Stripe Account ID when performing the Create Refund API Call.

Make sure the connected Stripe Account whose ID you are using has a charge_id in their stripe account that matches the charge_id you send in the call.


where should i put the connected seller id please?

I Got it after too many tries.
I have really zero knowledge about APIs . Anyways if anyone will get stuck like me i just added one more key to the header (stripe-account) and as boston said the value has to be a seller that has the charge id issued in their account.
dont forget to untick Private to be able to change it dynamically .

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