Stripe Refund of Authorised but not Captured Card

Hey there - just wondering if any Stripe aficionados could tell me…

I’ve got a pizza delivery app where I authorise but not capture the user’s card.

Then the pizza place gets the opportunity to reject the order if they need to. If that happens, do I initiate a refund (even though the card wasn’t charged)?
Otherwise the charge sits in Stripe saying Authorised, not Captured. Whereas I’d rather it was cancelled.


Hi @emma1,

I believe uncaptured payments expire automatically after a week, but I’d suggest explicitly canceling the original payment intent so as to ensure the funds are released immediately. I’d also recommend consulting the Stripe docs for the definitive word though.

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Explained below, essentially a uncaptured card payment is like any other payment intent.


thanks so much everyone - there was a paymentintent cancellation option in the CoPilot Stripe.js plugin :slight_smile:

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