Stripe - Registering user as a Seller

We are using the Bubble Stripe plugin. We have international users and as such, when users register as sellers, the users need to agree to the Recipient Terms of Service rather than the Full.

This can be done via an API call it appears but I don’t see a way to do this via the register the user as a seller workflow. Am I missing something or can this only be done via an API call?

Have you seen if this is automatically handled on stripes end when we call register user as a seller?

We currently just call “register user as a seller” and the international sellers are being created with Full acounts which doesn’t allow cross-border transfers based on my reading and based on the error we get when we try to transfer funds to the international users.

I know with Express connect accounts, you can set all those up to either be recipient or full so that may be one solution - but then I can no longer use the Bubble plugin and would have to transition the app to the Stripe2.js plugin if I understand correctly.

If the “register user as a seller” call allowed us to pick which terms of service to use (recipient or full), that would seem to be the easiest fix but it doesn’t seem to allow that.

Honestly, bubbles integration is just good enough to get you in trouble. If you want more functionality, stripe.js 2 is the way to go. As far as the appropriate agreements per country, I don’t really know. I figured it’s automatic just like the taxes. Tho, without looking at the docs, there might be a scope or something you’d need to specify in the account creation process to allow transfers to international users.

Can you tell me the error you get when you’re transferring?

Perhaps I’ll look at switching everything over to stripe.js.
Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 11.42.54 AM

@mike39 I know this thread is a few months old, but did you happen to find a solution for creating Recipient seller accounts, without integrating Stripe natively? Thanks!