Stripe returns result value (Yes/No) in other language

Hello folks, I’ve actually created a similar topic earlier and thought I came to a conclusion that the problem needs hands of Stripe support team but I discovered that this has to be resolved by Bubble team and so I’m writing here again… sorry for making a bit of a mess.

So the problem is…
I’m using “Result of step X (Charge the current user) 's “Captured”” to judge if the payment triggered by Stripe Checkout has been captured or not (Yes/No) but it seems if I set the language setting/locale on the user in other language, for example ja_jp, Stripe returns result in the language I’ve set above.

The “Captured” returns simple Yes/No value and I think it should not return the value in other languages or is there any particular reasons for the value to be translated in other language?

I appreciate if anyone can answer this.

Here is the screenshot

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