Stripe SCA Plugin bugs

Hi @bubble,

I’m working on a project where we require to use the SCA. My initial thought would be to use your Plugin so the client will have full support from your side in the future. I’m encountering some issues which I will sum up below.

  1. Quantity is only working after a client has an active subscription, which means When creating a subscription I can’t set the quantity to work.

  2. The tax rate isn’t added to the Subscription Plan’s Invoice.

  3. The Current User is passed on during the checkout, on the checkout page the Current User’s email is not displayed, the client has to fill in the email manually. I’m filtering on Subscription ID so this isn’t really a bug but just annoying.

  4. This is related to point 3. When I do a Search for Company’s: first item > Filter > User = Current User. The Plugin throws an error: Email is required. Also Happens when I do a search for User’s: first item where Company = Current User’s Company. Which should both relate to the Current User

I have already sent a bug report by email.


I also encountered bug #1 but did not file a bug report as it wasn’t actually needed in my project. Have you filed any bug reports for these?

Hello @nocodeventure I imagine you did it but in the plugin page, did you set up" Stripe checkout version - Version 3 - SCA Compliant" in the dropdown ? Mine was on V2 yesterday, I noticed. Maybe it can help ?

I have it on V3. They both have different calls.

I’ve sent a bug report.

@emmanuel do you have time to pass this on to the Bubble team? Would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Generaly speaking the Stripe integration of Bubble is limited. When you want something precise, the best is to buld your own calls in the API Connector.

Well it has all the features we want. The quantity field is broken. I can create my own call offcourse but that doesn’t solve the main issue here and long term it would be better to use an offical Plugin that is maintained by a team :wink:

@peterj do I need to tag you for this or are you currently busy :blush:


Hey there!

I’ve just checked our box, and I’m not seeing a bug report filed from the email account associated with your forum username. I do have bug report #7875 about this issue, to which our team has responded with a request for more information; please let us know if you did not receive our response! remains the best way to contact our team, as neither Emmanuel nor Peter are actually involved with the Stripe plugin.


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