Stripe SCA Subscription Plugin


Does anyone have any recommendations for using Stripe for Subscriptions with the new SCA checkout? I see the Bubble plugin doesnt support it, and it’s now required to be used in Europe.

Anyone have any ideas?


Yes, you can use the @ZeroqodeSupport Stripe Marketplace plugin. It works great for SCA & in Europe.

Bubble plugin does support it, you can upgrade from the Plugins tab. Zeroqode’s version is the best though.

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Sorry, not sure I made myself clear. I’m looking at using it for Subscriptions, not a single purchase. The Bubble plugin doesn’t support subscriptions, from what I can tell.

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Hey @cairngormstudios :wave:

I use the Bubble plugin for subscriptions and the v3 is SCA compliant. It’s so much simpler than the other plugins. You can choose v3 in the plugin settings. Let me know if you have any questions about setting it up. Maybe I can help.

Hope that is helpful! :blush:


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The Zeroqode version allows you to control the email on checkout :smiley:


Got it. There was a step in my workflow that threw up an error, not the subscribe the user to a plan part. Thanks all!

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I abandoned v3 Stripe plugin (Bubble) once I found out coupon codes didn’t work the way I expected. You have to create the subscription FIRST, THEN you can apply a coupon that gets applied to the following months subscription (which defeats the purpose right?). :confused:

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You should use the Stripe Checkout for this purpose, for both subscription or one time purchase, the buyer can enter a coupon. So much simple :wink:

I have the same question! THIS MAKES NO SENSE !!! How do you go about it ?