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Stripe subscription implementation. One user, different products with different subscriptions

Can anybody suggest how to implement the subscription model similar to the Bubble model (one user, different apps on different subscriptions)? The app offers three ‘storage containers’ of different sizes: Free, Premium, Pro. One user can have any amount of containers. How to set the Stripe subscriptions so the user can change the subscription of a particular container? Is here straight forward way?
I’m quite familiar with the native Stripe plugin and Stripe.js (used in a few other apps).

It is necessary to implement the limit in your system. If users sign up two times, they can remove the most recent subscription. I’ve not heard of anyone who would purchase the same item twice, so I’m inclined to believe that the chance of having two windows open and then completing the checkout is quite minimal.

Here’s what I do on behalf of my membership site:

  1. It is required to authenticate users if they are does not have a login.
  2. If the user has an active subscription, show the details and include an access URL to the portal for customers where users can make changes (e.g. change information on billing or cancel).
  3. If the user doesn’t do not possess an active subscription present an option to choose the level of membership and, when the user submits create an account at the backend and redirect them to.

The main reason to prevent stripe multiple payment subscriptions is to ensure that the Checkout session is generated in a server-side. It is always possible to run an initial check for subscriptions prior to generating the session and then return errors if the customer has already registered.

Thank you