Stripe subscription question

Hi community.

I have a subscription based app that is 99 per month. I am now going to raise the price to 129 but I want and I promised to let all that subscribe before the price increase to get to stay at the 99 sub. (Yes it’s a little marketing thing) But I have to keep my promise.

So how would you go about this other than changing the new signups to the new plan in the stripe actions and select the 129 subscription at the specific date?

I also let users manage their subscription on or off as they need and use the service, will they subscribe to the 99 (legacy) or the new 129 subscription if they turn it on again?

Hope somebody has a little experience in this :slight_smile:


I think you would set up a ‘plan_type’ field on your users and have a ‘legacy_plan_99’ and new ‘plan_129’ as the new default. then you will setup a 129 subscription on stripe, and the plan type is used to determine which subscription the user is buying.

I would have thought that if a user ‘switches off’ they loose their discount.

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