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Stripe Subscription Questions

Is anyone free for 30-60 minutes this coming week to chat using different subscription levels.

Im pretty sure I understand how to control the level specific workflows. My question is really surrounding the idea of:

Jon subscribes to a 20$/month plan which allows for3 admins, 10 Level A seats, and 120 Level B seats

but Jon 2-weeks in realizes he doesn’t need so many seats so wants to downgrade to the 10/month plan that allows for 3 admins, 5 level A seats and 25 level B seats

is it better to cancel a subscription (20/month) and create a new subscription (10/month)

or should i update the Users current subscription

my questions also deal with the fact that downgrading would imply there is a balance.

is it easier to say that once you’ve got a plan you’re stuck with it for the month and we can upgrade only at the end of the current plan. i’d love 30-60 minutes with someone. Will trade plugins or pay for time as needed.

Stripe have a customer portal - just open a customer portal session and allow the user to manage their subscriptions through there :slight_smile:

And then I think how it handles upgrades/downgrades is set via your stripe portal rather than at the app level.

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Wtf is that!?! I’ve never seen that yet and can’t find the thread In a quick search. Sounds like just what I need.

check their API docs :slight_smile:

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I have a free Stripe Customer Portal plugin that’ll do the trick. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks man! I’ll check it out first thing tomorrow! I think this be it

Seems more secure than canceling 1 and starting an new subscription. Seems a hell of a lot easier!


@jared.gibb To answer your question above: my recommendation is allowing the user to switch as they please, as Stripe allows for proration of plans if that’s what you’re interested in. I’d add to this of simplicity is to use the plugin in conjunction with a Stripe Web-hook watching for subscription updates. Just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know what my Wednesday is gonna consist of! Finishing off these dang subscription settings. Everything else is ready to go for launch!!!

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Best of luck, man! If made public, I’d love to see. Always interested in seeing what others are creating.

@lantzgould Thank you!! Check it out with a free forever plan! That works already.

Will be located at soon!

Soon as I buy the bubble space and update the other landing page!

Lemme have all the brutal feedback!

Thanks for the suggestion @equibodyapp

Only other thing I need for now are onboarding videos.

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Will check it out!

P.s. I know you’re technical, but Billflow has a great video on setting up webhooks for Stripe in Bubble. Figured I’d share to make life a bit easier on that Wednesday lol.

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Yes. Thank you!!