Stripe subscription saas

Hi, I am building a saas where users can create documents. Each document will be a subscription plan for the user who created the document.

If a user has 3 documents created, he will pay for 3 subscription plans (each plan for each document).

My question is, how can I link the subscription to the document instead of the user?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

You would create a type in the User field, called Documents and make the type a list of documents.

When doing this, you’d probably charge the user, and what I would do is do the amount of each document multiplied by the number of documents they have. For example, $5 per document, do for the cost: Current User’s Document’s:count * $5

I had not thought of it that way, thank you.

When the user unsubscribes to the document, how will bubble or stripe know that the subscriptions of the other documents of that user are still active? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess what you could do is just remove the document from the list in the user type.

I just want to clarify, is this a one-time payment or a subscription based payment? Does it automatically charge the CC on file for the user?

It is a suscription based payment.

When a user creates a document, he has to subscribe to a $10 plan (for example), that plan is connected to the document. Each month, the user who created the document will be charged $10 each month. If the user cancels the subscription of that document, the document must be deleted.

In other words, each document is a subscription, if you stop paying that subscription, the document is deleted.

Is it possible to warn the user days before s/he has to renew the subscription to a document or in case there is an error at the time of payment of stripe? For example “There are 5 days left to renew the subscription” to remind the user, or “There was an error when subscribing to Document1, if not fixed within 3 days, Document1 will be deleted”

Ah this was something I was exactly trying to work on, my solution that I gave would be better for a one-time payment situation. I reached out to @jess and she did an amazing job explaining and walking me through something similar to what you are doing. I’d suggest reaching out to Bubble Support as they are very helpful. Otherwise maybe someone else on the forums can give you a better solution?

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