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Stripe Subscription Status Updates

Does anyone know how you would be notified when a customer cancels their subscription?

It looks like the subscription status remains ‘active’ until the end of the subscription period (I have it set to cancel at period end).

I’m using bubble’s stripe plugin and a stripe customer portal plugin - does anyone know what parameters I could use to trigger a workflow when they cancel their subscription through the customer portal?

Hey @equibodyapp :wave:

I check the user to make sure they are active before letting them access the page. If the subscription status is not active then you can kick them out.

Bubble takes care of the webhook so when it’s not active you can just check the status.

Does that work for you? Otherwise you can setup Stripe webhooks to send you the cancellation data. I don’t find it necessary to do this though. It could just send you an email when someone cancels a plan though. If that’s what you want.

In Stripe go to developers > webhooks.

This link should take you there:

Then set it up on the backend workflows to trigger when someone cancels a subscription.

If you have trouble setting it up, let us know and we can see if we can walk you through it.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks @J805 :slight_smile:

My page/data permissions are all fine - specifically I’d like to be alerted at the time of cancellation for retention strategy/feedback purposes. I.e. workflow to prompt user to put in cancellation reason or send an email at the time they’ve initiated the cancellation rather than at the end of the subscription period when their status changes from active to cancelled if that makes sense?

I’ll have a look at webhooks - I haven’t done anything with them before so there might be some googling about to happen :sweat_smile:

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