Stripe: The payment method type "link" is invalid

Hi! I’m using Bubble’s Stripe v3 plugin. I’m still in a free plan and am testing things out.

What I intend to do is to “Charge a Customer using a saved CC”. When I do this (trigger using a button), I got an error message as follows:

“Stripe error: The payment method type “link” is invalid. Please ensure the provided type is activated in your dashboard ( and your account is enabled for any preview features that you are trying to use.”

What I already did:

  1. I do have users in my database connected to Stripe.
  2. The test user I’m trying to charge also has its Credit Card info stored in Stripe.
  3. The API works. I can “Collect the user’s CC info” and I can also “Charge a customer”. The data are connected between Bubble and Stripe.
  4. I did go into “” but found nowhere I can enable the “link” method.
  5. I tried creating a dummy product in Stripe and then creating a Stripe link to the product. Still get the same error.

Can someone please help with this? I think this “Charge a Customer using a saved CC” should be a common workflow and I believe many has made it work.

Thank you.