Stripe transfer best practice

Hi, @copilot or anyone,

I created my first Transfer to some Connected Account. In my Stripe dashboard, I can see everything’s working fine.

In the future, when in real-life mode, with probably a lot of transfers, how could I be sure that everything is ok ? How could I know a transfer was correctly created ? And of course, how could I fire some alert message to my platform users that something went wrong ?

In the Stripe JS payment process, there’s a solid way to know that, as there’s an Event “a payment was successful”, whereupon you can build anything you want on success or failure or the process.

Thank you,


Using webhooks is the best way.

You can set them up in your Stripe dashboard under ‘Developers’, then use the Transfers webhooks to send a call to your Bubble app anytime a is transfer created, updated, paid, reversed, or failed.

Then you can set up API workflows to handle those events in your app backend.