Stripe transfer to seller specific date

Hello all,

I am trying to build a marketplace like Airbnb and want to manage the paiement through Stripe. I have successfully set up the paiement method and it is working fine with my app taking a commission on the total paiement made by customers and send the rest to the sellers.
However, my problem is that I would like to retain the money for some time until the date of the booking and only then transfer the money to the sellers (same as Airbnb does). I have been reading hundreds of threads on the forum, watch dozens of videos on Youtube, found out about the “Creating separate charges and transfers” documentation on Stripe’s website but I still can’t figure out how to send a specific date to Stripe to allow it to make the paiement at this date…

Does anyone have done it for its marketplace or has any idea to do it??

I see @adamhholmes that you mention using the anchor function in this thread, maybe you can enlighten me on how to setup this?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

You don’t (you can’t do that)…

If you’re using ‘separate charges and transfers’ you’re in charge of the transfer.

You treat the charge and transfer as two completely separate things…

Take the full payment (without any transfer) then, at a later point, make the transfer to the relevant connected account.

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