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[Stripe Updated!] Can Take Apple Pay & More!

I was trying with Google Pay and SEPA debit that should be available in France but they don’t show up. I struggle to find if the Stripe plugin pass the payment method to use or if it let Stripe decide as mentioned in Stripe documentation.

For now, despite enabling different payment method on my Stripe Dashboard only the credit card option show up on the checkout page.

I’ll try different configuration with Stripe Dashboard to see if anything is blocking

Also, just make sure you are on v3 of Stripe in Bubble too. Otherwise, it should just be settings in Stripe. It looks like there are a lot of options available.

You might need to wait a while since when you turn them on, it first says ‘pending’. It looks like it takes a bit of time before it gets approved.

Did you get this to work? No matter what I do it never shows other payment methods than card or Apple and Google pay.

Hmm :thinking:

When does it not show for you?

It should only show the ones available in your country when you are viewing it.

I think I saw them show up when I was testing in Stripe. For me to see if it worked fully, I would need to have someone in another country test it for me.

Android Pay and Apple Pay were the only ones I have wanted to use for the moment.

What country are you in?

Hi all. Can’t get Apple Pay to show on the V3 Stripe Checkout either. Seems that we may need to host a file in the root directory? I’ve downloaded the file from Stripe and uploaded to root file, but still doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone know the solution? Thanks in advance

I also can’t seem to show Apple Pay or Google Pay on the Stripe page in my app. They’re both turned on in the the Stripe settings per the instructions above. What’s this about hosting a root file somewhere? What does that mean? I had thought this was going to work out of the box.

When you do the ‘Charge a User’ action in Stripe Check V3, it refreshes the page straight after? Is there a way to stop this?

I’m having the same problem. I get pay with Google Pay and CC and nothing else. I have enabled all of the payment options on Stripe yet it only shows up as credit card. Interestingly, on Stripe I am getting the current message: We’ve detected that you are not using Automatic Payment Methods. To manage payment methods from this page get the latest version of Checkout, Payment Element or Payment Links.The settings you apply here will take effect after you remove payment method types from your checkout integration.

However, the stripe plug-in doesn’t allow you to modify payment methods or delete it (as suggested by stripe documentation). I honestly don’t know what to do at this point to get other payment methods to show up. Any ideas?