Stripe - Updating a per seat sub behavior: A cleaner way to add more seats?

Currently, it seems stripe refunds the current unused portion of the sub, then charges the full amout with the added seats:

  • In this example, each seat is $60.
  • The current organization had 10 seats at $599.98
  • I updated to 11 seats. Stripe seems to have refunded the above amount, then charged for the updated amount of 11 seats. Is this really what’s going on? Here’s how the Webhook events look like:

The invoice I received from the webhook is just for the new seats.

Am I mistaken? Or is there something I need to add to the API call to make this cleaner?

Ideal, desired behaviour

  • Charge just for the new seats at a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the billing cycle


  • If the current yearly sub has 6 months remaning and each seat is $60, then when adding a new seat, I would just bill the customer $30 (6 months remaning on the billing cycle).

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