Stripe Webhooks (endpoints workflows) only working on manual resend

Hi all,

I have a really strange problem with my stripe endpoint actions.

I have set up one end point to catch a cancelled Webhooks which works perfectly when I cancel from stripe:

And another which catches ‘invoice.payment.succeeded’ Webhooks.
This one has two action with ‘only when’ conditions and it none of them work when the Webhooks is initially sent, even though in stripe, it says they have sent successfully.

However, if I manually resend this Webhooks, they both work fine.

Any ideas on why this may be happening?
It is in development mode on both stripe and bubble so maybe that has something to do with it?

Many thanks in advance

@shawnmi6 sorry to bother you, any ideas on this one?

Does the webhook work if you remove the conditions?

@shawnmi6 yes, I’ve just tested it and that works fine. But the conditions were quite important.

If it works without the condition then it isolates the problem to the conditions and rules out any other issue.

Can you share a screenshot of the data your getting from the webhook? Also the query you are running for “Search for user:first item”

@shawnmi6 here’s the query:

The data for the Webhook is here (it’s quite a lot from stripe)

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