Stripe Workflow Confusion

I remember seeing a page that shows the workflow for Stripe, from creating/connecting to a server to accepting payment. I can’t find it now. Does that ring a bell with anyone? If not, then I’m looking for references that tell me the procedure/workflow of Stripe from connecting with the server to accepting payment.

I know I don’t have to worry about connecting to a server since Bubble works with AWS and I have finally succeeded in adding a new product with prices into Stripe. Now I am wondering what my next step needs to be. I am probably confused, but Stripe Docs appears to say that Payment Intent and Payment Method should have been done already…? Also, the docs do not seem to tell me when the customer is created. In my mind, I would think someone is not a customer until I have received an acceptable payment. If the payment fails, then he is not a customer yet…no?

This is why I am searching for workflow references.

A page?
A page of what?

Are you talking about using a plugin?

Or using Stripe’s API directly?

I can’t quite work out what you’re asking?