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🏗 Structure a suite of interconnecting apps (across sub-domains)

If I wanted to implement the following on Bubble would I have to buy 3 Team plans; 1 for the one apex domain plus 2 for the two subdomains?

More details below


So what’s going on above is I’d like to separate the concerns / development of an eCommerce site from its administrative panel. The administrative panel would control the state of a third companion app (which could be used by delivery drivers to fulfill orders). The admin panel would communicate with the companion apps using Bubble’s App Connector plugin (illustrated by the arrows with letters A, B, C, and D)

I’d like to white label this suite of apps so that a business could brand it / run it on their apex domain. So if I wanted to maintain my app I think I need to use sub apps which would allow me to push changes from my parent apps to sub-apps.

  1. Is it possible to implement my diagrammed app structure on Bubble? Is there a better way?
  2. Is Bubble’s App Connector the recommended tool for sharing data between apps?
  3. Are plugins I buy in the parent apps already paid for in their sub-apps? Or do I need to repurchase / reinstall plugins for every sub-app?
  4. Will my sub apps live in the same data centers so that they’ll be able to share data quickly?

bump - to bring this back up for review…

Any input on this would be appreciated…the sub domain threads are pretty light on community member input…could bubble team speak on it?