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Structuring filters/queries with APIs to find very similar matches


I’ve been hacking around on bubble building this very basics site:

Right now, I can search by article a) title and b) description to identify similar articles from different sources.

I’m trying to make it more like this type of comparison.

However, in order to do this, it seems like I would need to build some very sophisticated search algorithm into the content of the article and not just the title and description.

Any ideas on how I could start to approach this? Thanks!

I think it depends on how the words are being selected for highlighting.
Are they negative feeling words? or words who’s sentiment can be classified?

If so I would start by looking at sentiment analysis api’s that can rate the whole article first for being negative/positive. Then see if you can get something that goes down to the paragraph / sentence / word level.

This would be a good place to start seeing what’s out there.

Thanks @john3 I’ll look into those.