Structuring Nested Search Results (With Lists)

Hello everyone! I’ve scoured the forum for an answer to my question, but have come up empty.

I have a list or restaurants => each restaurant has a list of meals.

How do I show a repeating group of all the meals? I’m getting tripped up on how to get the list from each restaurant to combine the results (currently attempting to do so in a custom state, and then use that as the source for the RG).

Any help on this topic would be much appreciated. Tagging @romanmg @fayewatson and @NigelG , as you guys have seemed to be the resident experts on the forum when it comes to searches :slight_smile: Thank you!

Set your RG to have the type of “Meal”.

Then search for all restaurants and from there list the meals…

here with Authors and Books, but much the same idea :slight_smile:



It really is that easy isn’t it? Haha thank you @NigelG for the quick solve!

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