Struggle with this fomula

Hi ! I really struggle with this problem I would be grateful if you guys can help!
Input A, B, C
Input D, E, F, G
Input H
input I
So the client will put numbers in the above input
when my client click the “calculate” button

it will calculate
{(sum(inputA,B,C)-sum(input D,E,F,G))-inputH}/input
I tired so many ways for whole day. but I couldn’t sovle it

Please help me!

Hi, you can do this using custom states.

I’ll include a link to a test app I created below that has a page called test with the all fields you mentioned:

…and which has a number of custom states I defined for the page:

Then, in the workflow I used a series of set state actions to do the maths:

The app may not be around forever but you can access it here for now if you want to see it in action:
Testformulas | Bubble Editor

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You can do it like above - or there are calculation plugins. If you have the Toolbox plugin you can use the Expression element.


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amazing!! thank you for your help! I finally able to get it ! tahnk you very much!

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