Struggling with Development Plugin and Authentication Flow

Hi there,
I am struggling with a developing plugin to use firebase authentication because attached picture error happened.
I am not sure why this error happened.

Here is my goal.

  • I would like to use firebase authentication instead of bubble signup/login.

Here is my plugin information and code

field : Email/Password
property : firebase initialize information

function(properties, context) {	
   let email =;
   let password = properties.password;
   control result status
   let result;
   const firebaseConfig = {
      apiKey: context.apiKey["apiKey"],
      authDomain: context.authDomain["authDomain"],
      projectId: context.projectId["projectId"],
      storageBucket: context.storageBucket["storageBucket"],
      messagingSenderId: context.messagingSenderId["messagingSenderId"],
      appId: context.appId["appId"]

   // process initialize firebase
   // process authentication
   authFirebase(email, password, result);
   return result;     

// function for initialize firebase
function initializeFirebase(firebaseConfig){
    import { initializeApp } from 'firebase/app';
    const app = initializeApp(data);
    return app;
// function for process authentication
function authFirebase(email, password, result){
    import { getAuth, signInWithEmailAndPassword } from "firebase/auth";
    const auth = getAuth();
    signInWithEmailAndPassword(auth, email, password).then((userCredential) => {
        const user = userCredential.user;
        result = "yes";
        return result;
      .catch((error) => {
        const errorCode = error.code;
        const errorMessage = error.message;
        result = "no"
        return result;

I checked using node because I have to use some firebase modules, and I build a package.json including dependency : firebase.

Please advice me if you have any ideas.

Thank you!!

Hi there,
I have one question about status control after using outside authentication.

I wonder how all plugins switch status and how they control status.

Here are my images.

  • All plugins can use two databases which mean an internal(bubble) database and an outside(MySQL, Firebase, AWS Cognito) database/authentication feature to authenticate users.
  • If a plugin uses an outside database/authentication feature to use outside authentication, it will change status in an internal database after authentication.

If you have a building experience to use outside authentication such as Firebase or AWS Cognito, please share your solution and idea with us.
Thank you!!

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