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Struggling with User Logic

I am creating a tool for basketball coaches, and while I’ve made some great progress, I’m stumped by one aspect I am working on.

My hope is for coaches to create an off-season workout plan for their players in the app, and then the players can access the workout and input their numbers of makes and misses in the app based upon the coach’s workout that he devised.

Where I’m struggling is how to have the players only be able to access their team’s workouts without having a login. I don’t think coaches will be as inclined to use this tool if all of their players have to have a login.

Basically, I want:

Coach creates a workout --> Workout is created on another bubble page that each of their players can access --> Players can input their numbers on that page --> the coach receives those numbers.

Do you think this is possible, or does my logic even make sense?


The app is here:

Is there any reason you don’t want the players to make an account? You won’t be able to verify who is entering numbers - ie anyone could type everyone’s numbers and just make them up or modify the data.
That doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Because a lot of middle school/high school players don’t have email accounts, and trying to get them setup on the app could be a hassle coaches don’t want to mess with.

Although - I think I found my workaround. When a coach creates a workout for his team, i’ll have it create a new page with their team id (defined in the database), so players can access it from the URL pretty quickly. Not perfect, but I think can get the job done

Right but the parents do.
My kids’ schools apps all come to me which I permission for them.

Also there is the following law in the US > COPA that governs how websites have to comply when interacting with children. Something you might want to consider if you haven’t already …

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