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Stuck: custom merge fields

Hi everyone,

I hope someone has an idea on how to solve the following.

I have created a simple CRM and as a part of that I have some mail templates, with custom fields that I need to populate with variables from another data table.

For instance:

"Hi [Merge1: NAME]

I would like to let you know that your event (Merge2: eventname) is now online at (merge3 link) … "

And so on.

Now I have already made it work using backend workflows that generate the texts, but working in the backend flow is making me nuts as as I can do no custom formatting, and removing/adding texts is a cumbersome

Is there any way to create a button where i merge a text with variables like in the above at the click of a button? How would you do that?

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Iterating through lists is done natively via recursive backend flows that work better with lists of objects

Great folks have built plugins like List Shifter by @keith that enable you to iterate through lists in the browser

In your use case, I would send the objects to the backend and build a recursive flow to send those emails. The email merge fields can be mapped to use the data from the corresponding objects

Hey Cmarchan,

I’m not sure that solution applies. I’m not wanting to iterate through a list, but just generate these well-formatted one-off texts with input from various related tables.

I DO appreciate your time to answer me anyway though!

Were you able to figure out a solution this problem? Working on something similar using the bubble rich text editor plugin and trying to make buttons outside it for inserting different custom fields used in other parts of the app. Wasn’t sure if there was a way to access the insertion point in the rich text editor or if that would look like appending something like {{CustomField}} to the end of the rich text data field. I am using alot of autobinding and autosaving, so not sure if that would introduce other problems.

Drag and drop builder plug-in I have does these merge fields great.

Otherwise use :findandreplace

To insert by click of button you’ll have to use a JS action unless you use my drag and drop rich editor plug-in

Great plugin! This aspect of the template is a smaller part of our product at the moment, but will definitely keep that one in mind if we build out the email creation aspect more. I was able to get what I needed using a combination of :findandreplace and a workflow that takes the current version of the text editor and appends the field value that will be found and replaced.