STUCK :) HELP- Please with assigning a things to multiple things

Ok. I am very new to this DB logic…and am slowly getting acclimated thanks to this community and reading everything @levon @NigelG and @romanmg share.

So please bear with my stupidity and not seeing the “forest for the trees”

I am sure it’s a very simple solution…I have watched @romanmg’s video on shopping cart about 8-9 times…and recreated it to wrap my mind around connecting types of things.

Here we create the Subjects (type of things), Master Course Sets etc. …and they work fine.

Setup the popup here to edit the name of the Subjects, Master Course Sets etc…and the editing works fine…

Below I am trying to assign these (Master Course Sets, Subjects etc) to a Form (aka Grades)

Below are the screenshots of the types of things…and example of how I added them to the Forms(AKA Grades) …manually.

The example used in the screen capture is Pop Up Group- Data Type (Subjects)

Anyway…what I am trying to do is take connect the current pop up thing (Subject) to the list of Forms (AKA Grades) below…and I have tried several ways …but can’t figure this out…So like most guys…after I am completely lost…I will ask for directions :slight_smile: Please

For Ref-

Hi @josh11, looks like you’re only a few more steps away.

You’ll need to use a custom state to “remember” the selected Forms in the repeating group. Here are the expressions written out, but below that I’ve included links to 2 tutorials that will walk you through a bit more how to work with custom states and lists.

So, I’m going to assume your toggle is the selection input:

  1. Create a custom state on the popup or Form RG called “Selected Forms” - this state should be type “001-FORMS” and should be a list.
  2. Workflow: When Toggle is changed to yes > Set state “Selected Forms” to “Selected Forms :plus item Current Cell’s Form”
  3. Workflow: When Toggle is changed no > Set state “Selected Forms” to “Selected Forms :minus item Current Cell’s Form”
  4. Workflow: When Save Edit is clicked > Make a change to a List of Forms: List = Selected Forms, Subject Assign add Popup’s Subject Assign

An alternative to this is to make the change as soon as the toggle is changed:

When Toggle = yes > Make a change to current cell’s Form: Subject Assign add Popup’s Subject Assign

There would be no need for a custom state situation and the change is immediate. The drawback is that you wouldn’t be able to “discard” changes. With the custom state method, the toggles only modify the custom state, not the actual records - only the Save Edit button commits the change to database.

Hope this helps :smile:

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THANK YOU! @romanmg ! I will try this. I think I understand…I have watched those videos a few times…and am SLOWLY wrapping my mind around it. Your coaching site has been SOOOOO helpful.

I think the toggle option should work…except…that is just a toggle Icon :slight_smile: I didn’t know there was a toggle element? Or am I wrong in what you meant?

No problem! Yes, make your life easier by installing the Ionic Elements plugin to get yourself a toggle element - it’s like a checkbox in that its value is yes or no.

You CAN do this with a toggle icon, but you’ll need another custom state to switch between a yes and no value. The Ionic toggle is easier if you want to start with that

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HAAAAA Thank you! I will do that. Can’t wait to start working with you on this project.

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I can’t believe that element has been there ALL ALONG! I installed a plugin called materi. icon…because when i searched …i was searching for iconic…instead of ionic. Sheesh! Thank you. I LOVE it!

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