Stuck on a patreon tutorial

Hi everyone,

I’m new bubble and really excited to learn but I hit my first snag and I can’t seem to get past it…

I’m doing the “build your own patreon” bubble tutorial. I believe I’ve done everything I’m supposed to up until now but when creating the “Tier” page workflow, I don’t have the same options as the tutorial gives me.

I’m about a quarter of the way down the page in the “workflow” section.

That’s a screen shot of mine. When I click on “click” it opens up menus but I don’t have any of the same stuff it asks me to use in the tutorial. Like when I go to title, there is no “input” or anything with title.

I’m not sure how to proceed from here. Has anyone experienced this?

Many thanks for any help

@imno welcome to the community!

Perhaps you can consider this set of short videos to round up that written tutorial’s teachings


I’ve been using a variety of way to try to learn including many of these videos. I just went through them again just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything but I still don’t understand why “Input” or “input - title” is not in my dropdown list like it is in the tutorial.

Unfortunately without that I can’t move forward and this is the second time I’ve tried to do a hands on learning stye and hit a snag like this.

Is there any way to know if I did something wrong? I’ve gone through the tutorial multiple times and I just don’t see anything I didn’t do.

Good news!

I figured it out.

If you make the input page the way the tutorial shows, there won’t be an “input - Title” option in the drop down because that page doesn’t have a place to actually input the title.

So that’s a fun thing that took 3 days to figure out. They should fix that tutorial.

While they’re at it, they should fix those guided arrow tutorials. I did a few levels of that before getting to a place where the arrow insisted it was pointing at something that it wasn’t pointing at and because clicking the thing was the next step but there was nothing there to click, it wouldn’t let me move forward.

Well, on with the show.