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Stuck on batch processing sets of data

In my scenario, I have two ordered list of items that I need to associate with each other. To keep it simple, for every 3 items in list 1 that fall within a certain criteria, assign it to the next available item in list 2. There are other cases that break this rule, but I’ll just focus on the base case for now.

The list of items can each exceed well over 100 items, but probably no more than 500. Given the current architecture and limitations of Bubble, is this achievable in any way? I’m looking for a fairly rapid runtime (less than 10 seconds), so scheduled API workflows won’t work if the minimum delay between subsequent operations is 5 seconds. I’m open to interfacing with other services (like Firebase) and writing my own code to get this working, I’m just not aware of what’s out there that could help me with this without trying everything out. I would appreciate any ideas.

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