Stuck On Logic To Only Allow Current User To Edit Current Comments

My Forums have an edit comment button. When I click edit comment all the repeating groups’ containing the current user comments are all editable. I would only like the current comment I’m editing to be editable. I know I’m missing the logic, for it but after several hours I haven’t been able to figure it out. I was able to create the logic for a reply button but for whatever reason, the edit button will not work with the same logic.

It’s hard to say for sure without seeing your app directly but it looks like your condition (as shown in your last screenshot) is based on something (“Popup Topic post’s Edit”) that sits outside the current cell and is therefore true for all/multiple cells. I’m assuming ‘Edit’ is a custom state on a popup called “Popup Topic post”?

Try adding an ‘Edit’ (yes/no) custom state to “Group Edit Answer Reaction” itself then change the first part of your condition to be When Group Edit Answer Reaction’s Edit’s yes/no …